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The perfect bag is a union between stylish functionality and artisan craftsmanship. At Batltic Domini, we know this marriage means everything to the discerning handbag connoisseur. When you’re searching leather handbags in Canada, we know you seek the best in quality leather handbags. Whether you’re seeking a cross body bag or simple shoulder bag, you’ll find innate artistry in every bag we produce.

Crafted from the finest leather Italy has to offer and produced in our Italian facilities, every bag we make only gets better with time. That’s why we proudly ship our bags to Canada and worldwide. The shipping process is as seamless and easy as hitting the checkout button. At the end of the day, your bag will arrive in perfect condition ready for a lifetime of wear.

If you want leather handbags Canada, don’t just go with what’s cheap or easily accessible nearby. Go with the brand who purports quality,, craftsmanship, and artistry. Every bag you buy from Domini Leather is a rich work of wearable art that will stand the test of time. Every time you sling one of our leather handbags over your shoulder, you’ll be reminded why you can’t beat the versatility or elegance of real Italian leather.

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