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Most people when told “Italy” immediately think of pizza, pasta and Rome. However, shopping for Italian leather bags online does not necessarily come natural to some of you. It’s important to note that Italians are without the doubt the top 3, or perhaps even the top 1 leather bag manufacturers in the world. Therefore, opting for a high-quality Italian leather bag should be an easy choice.

Our Italian leather bags and purses are for true gentlemen and women that crave for quality, elegancy and style. A good leather bag will accompany you through good and bad and will age alongside. They are like French wine – which get better with age. Small cracks, scratches and imperfections will make your bag truly unique and one of the kind, reminding you of good and bad days you have experienced.

So, if you really want to get your money worth, stop looking elsewhere and check our various collections. You might save few dollars elsewhere, but will it be an Italian leather bag that will be resistant to time? We don’t think so. Welcome to Domini Leather!

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