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Italy may be known for its arts, culture, and cuisine, but it should also be known for its leather. As one of the world’s top leather producers, Italians know how to make quality leather goods that stand the test of time. At Domini Leather, our goal is to expose every corner of the world to our products. That’s why we ship to New Zealand with ease and efficiency.

When you’re looking for leather messenger bags in NZ, you’ll find an array of choices, but few will match the quality and craftsmanship of our Italian leather bags. Made to withstand the test of time while still purporting style and elegance, every bag we produce in Italy gets better with time. Our messenger bags can easily take you through day to day life, proving a vital part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Like a fine wine or delicious soft cheese, our bags simply get better with time. That’s why shipping leather messenger bags to NZ is a top priority. Leather lovers around the world can easily enjoy a Domini Leather messenger bag without having to step foot in Europe. Whether you use your bag for business or pleasure, you’ll find this is one investment that will last you a lifetime.

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