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What makes for a great backpack? Is it the ability to tote any item with ease or a comfortable wear that allows you to go hands free? At Domini Leather, we believe that the perfect leather backpack checks all of the boxes. If you’re searching leather backpacks in the UK, don’t just go for what’s cheap or accessible online. Strive for a backpack that can survive the rigours of everyday life with ease. Only an Italian leather backpack proves an investment in timeless style that gives more than it takes.

Each of our leatherbacks proves a beautiful union of stylish functionality and total practicality. Fit all of your most important items, including tablets or laptops, while still maintaining your unique sense of style. Comfortable leather straps break in and mold right to your shoulders, providing a fit that feels just like a second skin. Unlike other types of leather, Italian leather is never stiff or rough. Instead, this is a leather that truly gets better as time wears on.

Each bag we produce is carefully crafted right in our Italian production facilities with the concern of an artist working on their masterpiece. We ship every bag we make right to the UK with simplicity. No hassles or headaches involved. If you’re looking for leather backpacks in the UK, don’t settle for second rate. Invest in a Domini Leather leather backpack for a classic piece that never goes out of style.

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