About Us

We are Domini Leather, an Italian leather goods provider, established in 2017. Our first physical store opened its doors in 2020 in Avignon, France.

Our leather bags and accessories are truly magnificent. They are for the true gentlemen and the ladies who appreciate quality and find it more important than some fancy label. We are speaking of the ones who, although embraced the changes brought upon them by technological advancements, have not forgotten what the true style really is. We are speaking of the ones who still socialize other than by social media, care about their image beyond Facebook and Instagram and who know that classic does not go out of style.

Back in the day, all manufactured products were meant to last a lifetime. Cars did not break down as much, shoes did not rip easily, and bags were a true lifetime companion. With this in mind, we offer only beautiful, durable and high-quality leather bags and accessories to you for your biggest pleasure directly from Italy. Let it last you a lifetime. Let it tell the story of your life to others. Because our bags and accessories are elegant, durable and timeless.

Company Details

SARL Domini Leather
Address: 55 Rue des Fourbisseurs, 84000, Avignon, France
VAT: FR00890784267
English support: +17863478062
French support: +33432762814
General inquiries: info@dominileather.com
Order inquiries: support@dominileather.com

Business hours:
Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM

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