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A beautiful leather shoulder bag is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Whether used for work, play, or travel, it is a bag that speaks the language of versatility. If you’re seeking a leather shoulder bag in Australia, your options for bags are endless. Yet, you won’t attain the quality or craftsmanship of a Domini Leather anywhere else. There’s a reason Italy is known for its commitment to style and quality.

Made from fine-grade Italian leather, every leather shoulder bag we procure is crafted to form a harmonious union of form and function. Each bag is made at our Italian production facilities with the care concern of a fine artist or composer. We ship worldwide to all locations including Australia. The process is as seamless and easy as possible, with every bag arriving at your doorstep in perfect condition.

When you need a leather shoulder bag in Australia check our products! Top quality of fine Italian leather that only get better with time. Think of each bag you buy as an investment. A statement that will wear on as the years go by. Much like a fine glass of wine, a great shoulder bag only gets better with age.

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