How to Measure Duffle Bag

Measuring your duffle bag is important for multiple reasons, such as meeting airline requirements, or simply making sure that your massive sized shoes fit inside. This quick and to-the-point guide will state the obvious, showing you how to obtain precise dimensions such as length, height, width, and if you have a scale, then even weight. With straightforward dummy tested steps, you’ll make sure that you measure the duffle bag correctly, and thus putting your mind at ease for your upcoming travels. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the article and cover what seems to be so obvious that we are not even sure someone will read it. But in case you have never measured a bag and want to know how to measure duffle bag, we got you covered.

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How to Measure Duffle Bag

Materials Needed

In order for you to be able to get the correct measurements, you will need the following:

  • Flexible measuring tape.
  • Notepad and pen (or a good enough memory for a person of at least 90-point IQ).
  • An assistant (in case you have clumsy hands).

The first point is the most important one.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

As you finished gathering the most important tools of your life, we can get to a detailed step-by-step process in obtaining the correct measurements for your duffle bag (or any bag for that matter).

Step 1: Measure the Length

  • Lay the bag flat on a surface.
  • Stretch the measuring tape from one end to the other, measuring the longest side to determine the length.
  • Ensure to stretch out any flexible parts to capture the maximum length.

Step 2: Measure the Height

  • Stand the bag upright.
  • Measure from the base to the top to find the height.
  • If the bag is soft-sided, consider filling it to get a proper measurement.

Step 3: Measure the Width (Depth)

  • Measure the shorter side (or the base, depending on the bag’s design) to determine the width.
  • Make sure the bag is adequately full to ensure an accurate width measurement.

Step 4: Weighing Your Duffle Bag (Optional)

  • Use any scale to weigh your bag (preferably empty, duh…) Leather duffle bags tend to be heavier than other material bags, but fashion does not have a weight you should not be ready to carry.
  • Remember to record each measurement as you go, ensuring you don’t have to repeat any steps unnecessarily. If you do find yourself taking measurements of a duffle bag multiple times, you should visit a doctor.

Tips for Accuracy

For the most accurate results, keep these tips in mind:

  • Double-check the measurements. Make sure you are using the same measurement units on all sides. Inches and centimeters are NOT the same.
  • Consider bag’s flexibility. Soft-sided bags can expand, so fill your bag to get the full expansion of all sides.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape. Rigid rulers won’t accurately measure curves and corners, and you might mistake by a quarter of an inch, which will make no difference what so ever.

By following these super important rules of the measuring world, you will receive a very correct answer to your question.


Understanding how to measure a duffle bag is an invaluable skill that simplifies travel, ensures you meet airline requirements, and gets you ahead of everybody in life.

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FAQ: How to Measure Duffle Bag

Why do I need to measure my duffle bag?

  • Measuring your duffle bag helps ensure it meets airline carry-on requirements, fits in specific storage spaces, and allows you to find suitable covers or accessories.

What tools do I need to measure my duffle bag?

  • You’ll need a flexible measuring tape, a notepad and pen for recording measurements, and optionally, an assistant to help hold the bag.

How do I measure the length of my duffle bag?

  • Lay the bag flat, extend the measuring tape from one end to the other along the longest side, and record the measurement.

What if my duffle bag is soft and doesn’t hold its shape?

  • For soft-sided bags, fill the bag to simulate how it would be when fully packed. This helps in obtaining more accurate measurements for height and width.

Do I need to measure the circumference of my duffle bag?

  • Measuring the circumference is useful for shipping or ensuring the bag fits in tight spaces. Wrap the tape around the bag’s widest part to get this measurement.

How can I ensure my measurements are accurate?

  • Double-check your measurements, fill soft-sided bags to simulate fullness, account for external pockets, and use a flexible measuring tape for the best accuracy.

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