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Attaché Leather Cases

Attaché leather cases have gained popularity in the 20th century, as office jobs started to gain ground. More and more people moved to work to the financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, trade companies, etc. Also, more and more companies opened more administrative and financial positions in their headquarters, requiring more people to re-qualify from production-based to administrative-based roles. Therefore, more people worked in the offices and as we were becoming more civilized and obedient to law, there were more paper work involved in every transaction. That has become a golden era for attaché leather cases.

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In addition, document cases as such as ours are extremely popular among all ages. One might think that it‘s more suitable for older generation people, who love to „touch and see“ things. However, it has become more than just a convenient means to transport documents and files. It has become an important accessory that will complement your appearance and make a good first impression. After all, if you met a person who tried to sell you insurance, and he pulled out the documents from whatever-looking backpack, wouldn't you start doubting his professionalism immediately? We think you would.

Therefore, an attaché case is an extremely powerful tool to make a good first impression. It allows you to stay organized and on top of the game, whatever game you play.

It’s important to highlight the main feature of our cases – they are made of real Italian leather. While it might not say a lot to some of you, then please know that it’s as good as it gets when it comes to leather. It ensures the highest quality, durability and longevity of the cases. Therefore, they will accompany you through good and bad, through warm and cold.

Highest European standards make sure that leather was obtained following all the rules and laws related to treatment and extraction of animal skin. Therefore, supporting us you make sure that there are less and less unethical leather producers who care less about anything other than their profits.

Quality Attaché Leather Cases

Our cases are excellent choice for both men and women. This collection contains unisex items as well as items for men and women. Nowadays, tastes and styles have intermixed, and taking the fact that cases are picked based on the job role rather than sex, we feel that we can’t really separate them too much. If you are looking for a separation of cases on what we believe are more suitable for men and women, visit the respectable men’s and women’s categories. If not, you will find everything we got right here in this collection. Enjoy!