Are Leather Backpacks in Style?

Are Leather Backpacks in Style

The best thing about classic leather bags is that they are always in style and never go out of it, and leather backpacks fall right into the category. No longer are they just for the classroom. Now, we’ve leveled up from the cloth or nylon backpacks that once plagued the halls of school and universities. There are many luxury leather backpacks to choose from, but if you’re still wondering “are leather backpacks in style”, let’s go over four top reasons why they are a great choice in various situations.

They Are Versatile

Leather backpacks can easily go from day to evening, helping you carry what you need with you at all times. The straps make them easy to carry, and the classic leather look and feel will go with any outfit. You won’t need to worry about swapping bags and forgetting things when you use a leather backpack.

Too, there are multiple ways that you can carry your leather backpack. You can sling it over one shoulder, wear it over both, or even carry it by the handle. It is a very versatile bag that will let you use it how you want to.

If, for example, you opt for our Clarissa leather backpack, you will also have a shoulder bag in addition to a backpack, due to its versatile strap.

But if you want to take the versatility to the next level, then our Charlotte’s Web vintage bag will blow your mind. It’s a briefcase, a tote bag and a backpack all-in-one. Therefore, with this beautiful and elegant leather bag you will never need another one.

And yes, a beautiful leather is very much in style.

They Are Convenient

Leather backpacks are easy to sling over your shoulder and go. They come in different sizes, so you can get the ideal size for you based on your needs. There are mini leather backpacks, that can hold just a small wallet and a phone, all the way up to large leather backpacks, that are perfect for your travels and weekend getaways. In addition, some leather backpacks have many extra pockets to help you carry all you need wherever you go. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be in style and remain comfortable while choosing a well-made leather backpack.

They Are Durable

Leather is stylish, but it is also very durable, especially if you get a full-grain leather or a top-grain leather. These are amongst the highest quality leather on the market today, and they will make a very strong backpack that can withstand high weight limits. It is important that you check the capacity before you overload your backpack and accidentally tear the seams.

Leather backpacks are also resistant to water to some extent. However, it’s important you read this article to learn more about their resistance to water.

This durability is a huge benefit when comparing leather backpacks to other material backpacks on the market today. However, leather beats whichever other material you pick on the style scale ten times out of ten. Therefore, keep in mind that you are purchasing more than just a durable leather backpack.

They Provide Even Weight Distribution

People typically carry their purses and bags over the same shoulder, and this can cause added stress on your body over time. This could lead to back and neck issues. So often, doctors will remind you to switch shoulders when you sling your bag over your arm and shoulder, but you will likely always switch back due to a poor habit.

With leather backpacks, you won’t have that issue if you wear it over both shoulders. Instead, the weight will be evenly distributed across your back, so it will not favor one side over the over, preventing any health and body issues that may develop with repeated use over time.


So, are leather backpacks in style? Of course they. They always were and they will always be. However, it’s of crucial importance to mention that only high-quality leather is in style. Other cheap and fake leather, or even bonded leather, never was nor will be in style. So, don’t risk your overall appearance with questionable material backpacks and choose high-quality leather backpack, which will serve you in many different ways for many years to come.

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