How to Carry a Duffle Bag

Figuring out the way how to carry a duffle bag efficiently can significantly improve your travel experience or daily commute. Duffle bags, known for their spaciousness and versatility, are a popular choice for many reasons such as going to the gym or visiting your parents for a weekend. However, despite their convenience and flexibility, carrying them incorrectly can lead to discomfort or even injury due to their larger size (not always, but most of the time in general). In this quick and simple guide, we’ll look into the best practices for handling these bags, making sure that your duffle doesn’t become a burden.

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Understanding Duffle Bag Design

The design elements of a duffle bag play a role in determining the most comfortable and practical way to carry it. Typically, these bags have a cylindrical or a rectangular shape and are made from various materials like canvas, nylon, or leather, which influences their durability, flexibility and weight. They may or may not include the following main features:


  • Handles are generally padded for comfort but suitable for short distances, unless you are gym-junkie and have some strength in your fingers.

Shoulder Straps

  • A detachable and often adjustable strap allows for shoulder carrying, allowing you to charge it

Material and Shape

  • The fabric and design of the duffle bag can affect its weight and thus the comfort against your body and overall ease of transport.

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Proper Ways to Carry a Duffle Bag

Proper Ways to Carry a Duffle Bag

Carrying a duffle bag correctly can prevent discomfort and injury. Here are several methods in case your lack some common sense and need us to tell you how to carry a bag:

Hand Carry

  • It’s as simple as it sounds. Do not put it between your teeth but rather take it in your hand and carry it like a normal human being.

Shoulder Carry

  • Sling the strap over one shoulder to free up your hands. Switch shoulders periodically to not overwork one side and hurt your shoulders and your back.

Crossbody Carry

  • Place the strap across your chest to balance the load centrally, which is better for longer distances or heavier bags.

Using Backpack Straps

  • If available, utilize the backpack straps for the most balanced weight distribution, especially when carrying the bag for extended periods or over longer distances.

It’s such a common sense that we feel bad writing about it.

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Tips for Comfort and Safety

Carry Duffle Bag in Hand

Ensuring comfort and safety while carrying a duffle bag involves more than just choosing the right carrying method. Here are some additional tips:

Even Weight Distribution

  • Pack heavier items at the bottom and towards the center to balance the weight evenly, reducing the risk of strain.

Strap Adjustment

  • Adjust the shoulder or backpack straps so that the bag sits comfortably against your body, minimizing swinging or bouncing.

Alternate Carrying Methods

  • Switch between carrying styles regularly to prevent overuse of one set of muscles and reduce fatigue.

Mindful Packing

  • Avoid overpacking. A lighter bag is easier to carry and reduces the chance of back or shoulder pain.

Special Considerations

When carrying a duffle bag, there are special considerations to keep in mind when commuting or traveling in various situations, such as:

In Crowded Places

  • Keep the bag in front of you to avoid bumping into others and to maintain control of your belongings.

During Long Walks

  • Utilize backpack straps if available or switch between shoulder and crossbody carrying to distribute weight evenly and prevent muscle strain.

When Fully Packed

  • Heavier bags require more careful handling. Ensure straps are securely fastened, and use both the shoulder strap and handles for better support when lifting.

Adapting to these situations comes naturally to a well-raised normal human being. But if you are not one of them, then please take a note of these special considerations.


Carrying a duffle bag efficiently not only increases the comfort but also helps in avoiding physical discomfort. For more insights and travel tips, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, explore our diverse duffle bag collection to find the perfect companion for your long evening walks, or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Carrying a Duffle Bag

  • What’s the best way to carry a duffle bag to avoid strain?

Alternate between hand, shoulder, and crossbody carrying methods to distribute the weight evenly and reduce muscle strain.

  • Can I carry a duffle bag on one shoulder?

Yes, but switch shoulders regularly to prevent overuse and discomfort.

  • How do I adjust a duffle bag for long walks?

Use the backpack straps if available, or alternate between carrying styles. Adjust straps to ensure the bag sits comfortably against your back.

  • What should I do if my duffle bag is too heavy?

Repack to distribute weight evenly, remove unnecessary items, and use the most comfortable carrying method. Consider using a wheeled duffle bag if it’s consistently heavy.

  • How can I follow your travel tips and check out your duffle bag collection?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more travel tips and updates. Visit our website to explore our duffle bag collection.

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