How To Remove Ink From a Leather Purse

How to remove ink from a leather bag

It can be truly devastating of pouring an ink over your brand new leather purse. Or even worse, someone else doing it. Chances are that you will likely encounter an ink stain on leather at least once in your life. Now if you have kids, the chances of that happening increase. Luckily, the increase negatively correlates to the age of your kids. Therefore as they grow older the chances of them spilling ink over it declines. Anyway, even without kids, a pen from your pocket could easily get ink on your purse. Or forget a purse for a moment: someone might be writing something while lounging on the leather couch. Now we all know the cost of a leather couch equals the price of at least ten purses. If you get ink on your leather, don’t panic! Here we will cover the methods of how to remove ink from a leather purse.

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Try Rubbing Alcohol First

Always try the rubbing alcohol method first as it’s generally safe and it has the most chances of working. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Lightly dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol;
  2. Find a relatively invisible part of the leather, and apply a small amount of alcohol to check if it will cause any adverse effects. This shouldn’t be the case, but it’s generally a good idea to test any new cleaning method on a hidden spot, just to be safe. Wait for 10 minutes after applying the rubbing alcohol and if there are no changes, you can go on;
  3. Use the cotton ball to gently rub the ink marks in a circular motion. Don’t rub too hard and don’t scrub, just rub gently and be persistent;
  4. Once the ink stains have disappeared, use leather conditioner on the affected area to keep the leather soft and shiny.

This method works on ordinary leather, suede, and vinyl. However, it definitely works better if you catch the stain early. The longer the stain stays in the leather, the chances of cleaning it will diminish by days. Therefore, don’t put up this small but important task.

Alternative Methods for Removing Ink Spots

If the first method doesn’t work, there is another thing you can try. You can use an ordinary white eraser. Yeah, we know, it sounds weird. But it sometimes works for removing ink. It’s especially useful if the stain is on your couch. It’s also more likely to work on new stains but the effectiveness also depends on the type of ink. White Magic Eraser, found at Target or Wal-Mart gives great results. Therefore, if the first method did not work out well, you can always try this method.

Do Not Use Hairspray

You might have heard of people using hairspray to remove ink stains. This is because hairspray contains alcohol and it might work sometimes. However, we highly recommend to avoid this method of getting ink stains out. That is so because it can cause irreparable damage to leather because of the rest of the ingredients it contains.


Just remember one thing, do not panic. Things in life happen. Especially the bad ones. However, for every problem there is a solution. Therefore, if you did manage getting ink on your leather purse, couch or other product you dearly love, know that there is a solution. If not, you can always visit out leather bags collection for men and women and choose a new one.

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