How to Shrink Leather Wallet

A leather wallet is a timeless and stylish unisex accessory that you can literally take with you anywhere. Now, while most leather wallets are small in size, others tend to be large and clunky. It can therefore take up too much space in your purse or pocket. However, when you consider the items that a wallet needs to carry- i.e. credit cards, business cards, cash, change etc.- there really is no need for it to be that big. The good news is that you can easily shrink leather wallets to your preferred size. All you have to do is follow four simple steps. Therefore, without further ado, let’s cover how to shrink leather wallet.

Step 1: Take Everything Out of the Wallet

Before you start with the shrinking process, make sure that the wallet is completely empty. That means that there are no cards, cash or change inside it. That way, the wallet will shrink uniformly without any lumps caused by leaving something inside. And of course, you wouldn’t want to shrink your hundred dollar bills, would you?

Step 2: Soak the Wallet in Lukewarm Water

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Pour some lukewarm water into a medium-sized dish and place the wallet inside. Make sure that the wallet is completely covered in the water and leave it to soak for about 10 minutes or so.

The amount of time required for you to leave your wallet in the water largely depends on the size of the wallet. If it’s really large, then you might have to leave it in for longer. And f it’s just medium-sized and only needs minimal shrinking, then a few minutes will probably suffice.

Also, you don’t have to open the wallet while it’s in the water and can successfully shrink it while it’s closed.

Step 3: Remove the Wallet From Water

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After the 10 minutes (+-) are done, you can then take the wallet out of the water and put it out to dry in direct sunlight. It’s very important that you find a nice flat surface and a sunny spot to place your wallet. That will ensure that it’s able to get enough sunlight throughout. The last thing you want is a wallet that’s shrunken on the one side and lumpy on the other side.

If the weather’s not sunny where you live, then you can always use a blow-dryer and set it on a low heat to dry the wallet without damaging the leather. Also, make sure that the dryer’s nozzle is placed at least two feet away from the wallet to avoid overheating it.

Step 4: Apply Leather Dressing

Once you’re sure that the leather has dried, you can now apply leather dressing onto it. That will prevent cracks from forming due to the drying process while making sure that it stays soft yet firm. Also, it’s often recommended to apply leather dressing on any leather item at least twice per year. It will allow you to maintain it in good condition. This goes for all leather accessories and goods like leather bags, furniture, and clothing.

Now, while you’ll want to apply a generous amount of the leather dressing after you’ve shrunk and dried it, you should obviously be less liberal the next time you apply it. Also, make sure to gently work it into the leather using your fingers, taking care to not overdo it, as that might cause cracks to form.

How to Shrink Leather Wallet

Well, there you have it! A simple 4-step process to successfully shrinking your leather wallet. And as you can see, it takes less than an hour and doesn’t have a lot of requirements.

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