How To Soften Leather?

How To Soften Leather

If you like leather items in general, then you probably have had one or two during your lifetime so far. Also, if you are somebody that likes using it for as long as possible, you have certainly faced an issue of cracking when it comes to your leather accessory, jacket or even furniture. While high quality leather like the full or top grains usually don’t crack, the less expensive ones tend to crack. To avoid it from cracking, we need to know how to soften leather, as it does help to prolong its lifetime.

If you have recently purchased a leather product, softening is an important part of taking care of it to prevent them from doing the very things we mentioned above – cracking. In this article, we will cover some basic methods to softening leather, and thus hopefully extending its lifetime in your service.

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Before you can properly soften your leather products, you have to make sure that they are ready to receive the treatment. If you don’t prepare your leather properly, then it won’t be able to absorb the softeners, which will be counter productive to what you are trying to do. So firstly, clean the bag with somewhat wet cotton cloth (not too wet). Simply rub the surface without putting too much pressure on it and make sure it has no clearly visible and stuck dirt on it.

Then let your product dry completely somewhere safe in a room. Make sure you never let it dry in the sun, as it can surely ruin it very fast, especially if it’s made of bonded or lower quality split leathers. Once this step is taken care of, we can move forward to the three natural ways how to soften leather.

3 Natural Ways to Soften Leather

There are several natural ways to soften your leather products, if you don’t want to purchase expensive leather conditioners. Although, we do recommend highly using special balsams and conditioners in order to not damage your leather product by any chance. However, if you don’t feel like spending any extra money in order to take care of it, then continue reading below.

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1. Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil to your product is one of the natural ways to softening your leather products. Before you apply it, it’s important that you warm your product up a little bit. To do that, you can apply hair dryer for a moment, never staying in one place for too long. After it’s warmed up, you can then apply the coconut oil.

To apply the oil, first wash your hands to make sure they are clean. Then take a small amount of oil and rub it into the leather using a circular motion. Work in small areas until your whole product is treated to ensure that the coconut oil is applied evenly. Using coconut oil will darken your leather, so it is important to try it out on a small part of your product before applying it to the whole thing.

2. Mink Oil

Mink oil can be applied similarly to coconut oil. It’s best used on leather jackets, shoes, bags and other accessories. To apply it to your leather product, take a rag or a cloth and saturate it with mink oil. Then, apply up to three layers onto your product using the same circular motions as you would do with coconut oil. Once applied, give it two to three days for it to be fully absorbed.

It will certainly become much softer and thus pleasant.

3. Alcohol and Vaseline

The final natural way to treat your leather products naturally is using rubbing alcohol and vaseline. In order to do this, you have to make sure your products are clean before applying any of these methods.

Then, use a cotton ball to apply the rubbing alcohol evenly to the surface of your product. This might take more than one application because rubbing alcohol will evaporate quickly. Then, once you have applied the rubbing alcohol to the whole surface, you can apply the vaseline. Apply a liberal amount of it with your hands and allow it to soften the leather over time.

Final Words

As mentioned above, we highly recommend using one of our products to take care of your leather items. However, in case you don’t believe in spending money to maintain your leather products soft and shiny, the abovementioned methods will work as well.

But, to avoid having to worry about your leather items cracking, you firstly need to choose high-quality leather. If you are looking for leather bags, we assure you that our leather bags for men and women are made of real Italian leather that is durable and long-lasting. While you will be encouraged to take care of any bag you purchase from us, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about them cracking.

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