How to Straighten Leather Bag?

How to Straighten Leather Bag

Is your leather bag starting to lose shape along the strap or are you noticing some wrinkles and creases on it? This is actually a common problem for men and women who carry their leather bags on a daily basis. This becomes extremely relevant to those leather lovers who use their bags to the fullest without too much attention to its well-being. It’s totally normal, as it’s the bag that is working for you and not the other way around. However, just like right now, you and others alike might find themselves looking for solutions of how to straighten leather bag. That’s why we are here!

The common misconception is that because leather is so tough, it will not get damaged or especially wrinkled. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that leather is extremely durable material, it will succumb to excessive use and abuse, especially if you don’t show extra love to it.

It usually starts out with a few creases that lead to cracks which can really compromise the appearance and functionality of the bag.

The good news is that there’s a fix to this problem that you can easily apply. The best part is that it won’t even take that much of your time to do it. So, without further ado, let’s cover how to straighten leather bag.

4-Step Process of How To Straighten Leather Bag

It’s not utterly complicated to get those wrinkles out of your bag. However, it will take some effort and time to follow through this easy-to-follow 4-step process. So here are the things you will need before you get started:

  • A clothes hanger with clips;
  • Bubble wrap (or tissue paper);
  • Iron;
  • Cotton material;
  • Leather lotion;
  • Dust bag.

If you got yourself everything you need, let’s cover those four steps one at a time to get the best results.

Step 1 – Hang the Bag

Start by hanging the purse or a bag to minimize the wrinkles. This is why you need a hanger with clips, as that’ll make it easier for you to hang it up. Just make sure that you hang it in a well-ventilated area without anything around that could press against it. Make sure that the bag receives no direct sunlight, as that will not aid to solving the issue at hand.

Step 2 – Leave It Hanging

Leave the purse hanging for about a week. During that time, make sure that no-one touches it, and that it doesn’t come into contact with anything. Leaving it hanging for prolonged period of time will enable the bag to get back to its original form, thanks to its own natural weight and gravity, of course. One again it’s imperative to mention again not to leave the bag hanging in direct sunlight, as it might affect its color, shape and size in a negative way.

Step 3 – Iron It

Before you switch the iron on, remove all the water from it to avoid damaging the leather. Also make sure that it’s at its lowest setting. Whatever you do, don’t allow the leather to come into contact with steam as it will be extremely counter-productive to reaching your desired result.

Place a soft material like cotton or linen over the wrinkled area before pressing the iron to it. Take your time and use a back and forth motion to move the iron all over the affected area while gently pressing it down. Little by little, you’ll start to notice the wrinkles come off in an even fashion. It will take a while, but your patience will be rewarded.

Step 4 – Take Care Of It

Step 4 - Take Care Of It

By now, your leather purse should be wrinkle-free and smooth once again. Now, you need to make sure that you take care of it so that you don’t encounter the same problem in the future. A good way to ensure this is to apply some leather conditioner onto it, which will help to bring out the leather material’s natural oils while giving it a nice and soft feel.

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Leather conditioner is also important in ensuring that the bag doesn’t develop any more wrinkles in the future. To keep your leather bag in tip-top shape for longer, make sure to store it in a clean natural fiber pillowcase or dust bag when unused. This will help to protect it from exposure to the elements while reducing natural wear and tear.

Also, try and rotate the bags you use if possible to avoid overusing one bag and make sure you minimize the bag’s contact with water or too much sunlight.

How to Straighten Leather Bag

So there you have a 4-step process of how to straighten leather bag. We all have been there. It’s normal and perfectly natural. But it’s just that much better knowing that there is a solution to everything when it comes to leather. Follow us and we will make sure that your leather bags are in great shape and serve you a lifetime.

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