Rebranding – Baltic Domini changes to Domini Leather

Rebranding - Baltic Domini changes to Domini Leather

We hereby announce that Baltic Domini as of Friday, August 7th of 2020 has officially became Domini Leather.

It has been in the works for a while now. We believe that our strong shift towards leather products has forced us to re-brand, as Baltic Domini became somewhat misleading brand name to our customers.

Our humble beginnings started in the Baltic region, hence the name Baltic Domini. However, our focus shift to leather became so strong that we felt our name does not represent our products nor fully reflect what we are really about. Therefore, the name change was inevitable.

Our current customers that know us by the name Baltic Domini will still be able to find and reach us by the old name. However, little by little we will fully move to Domini Leather without looking back.

For every end there is a new beginning.


Domini Leather Team

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