What is Semi Aniline Leather?

What is Semi Aniline Leather

When you are comparing leather goods like belts, wallets, purses, or furniture that you want to buy, you may read about the many different types of leather these products can be made out of. These include everything from top grain leather which is the best grade, full grain leather, split grain leather, to bonded leather which is the lowest quality. These names are often confusing and don’t give you a real understanding of what each type of leather means.

Full aniline leather and semi aniline leather are both made from top grain leather, which is the best grade of leather you can buy. These types of leather differ in the way they are made. Full Aniline leather is the most true to the natural appearance of the leather. It is soaked in a mixture of water soluble aniline dye that does not contain any pigment. Since there is no pigment in the mix, and the leather is placed in a large drum, full aniline leather often does not have a uniform color to it. In addition, this process maintains all of the natural markings, scars and wrinkles present in the natural leather.

Semi aniline leather is made much like full aniline counterpart, with one difference. The only difference is that semi aniline leather is made with semi aniline dye that contains just a small amount of pigment. This means that the leather will have a more uniform coloring than a full aniline leather. In addition, semi aniline leather still preserves the natural markings present in the leather while adding a thin protective layer which makes it more resistant to stains and wear than full aniline leather.

Semi Aniline Leather Advantages and Disadvantages

Semi aniline leather is a high quality leather that has many advantages, but some disadvantages. One of the advantages of semi aniline leather is that it is much more durable than full aniline one. This is because of the thin protective coating on it. This durability makes it a perfect option for products that are going to get a lot of use. If you are buying the purse that you know will be your everyday purse, or if you are buying a leather sofa to go in the room that is used the most, semi aniline leather is the one that you want. It has a soft and supple feel to it, while still being durable. In addition, it still keeps the natural beauty of the leather while preventing scratches or other damage. It is also much easier to clean and maintain than full aniline leather.

While semi aniline leather may seem too good to be true as it is less expensive, durable, and maintains its natural beauty, there are some disadvantages to semi aniline leather. One of these disadvantages is that semi aniline leather does have some pigment added to it. This could be a problem for those leather purists that want only the completely natural look of the leather. Another disadvantage is that it will not develop a patina over time because it has a protective coating. This patina is that natural shine that your leather gets after natural wear and contact to your skin’s natural oils. Again for leather purists, this could be a deal breaker.

Overall, semi aniline leather is a great option for someone who is not a leather purist, and wants a beautiful piece without the high price tag and all the extra maintenance that full aniline leather requires.

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