Where to Buy a Briefcase?

Where to Buy a Briefcase

Are you looking for the best online store selling high-quality briefcases? A briefcase is an important carrier if you regularly carry along documents and other necessities to and from your office. At Domini Leather, we have all types of briefcase styles to suit your personal taste and needs. There are many places where you can buy a briefcase, but you need to first consider the kind of briefcases a particular seller deals in and the cost of the products before you make a purchase.

So what do you look for in a good briefcase? And where to buy a briefcase? Let’s get right into it.

Type of Briefcase

What type of briefcases does the seller deal in? This should be the first question you ask yourself to find a briefcase that suits your needs. Your purchase will largely depend on your occupation. For instance, if you are a lawyer or accountant, an attaché case or a luxurious leather briefcase would be a perfect choice. If you travel frequently for business, then find an additional or standalone rolling briefcase and if you normally carry your laptop along, get a laptop-friendly briefcase.

We also stock versatile briefcases for multiple situations such as formal or casual messenger bag briefcases. These are briefcases that can fit any form of casual work or a working holiday. We have briefcases with large compartments and adequate padding for laptops and other delicate items. Have a look at them bellow.


Briefcase Material

It is also important to check the material the briefcase is made of. The type of material your briefcase is made from will determine how it looks, feels, and its durability. We have high-quality briefcases made of all types of common materials and with the best craftsmanship.

If you want to really want to look like a boss or you are a real boss, find a briefcase made of high-quality materials that leave the best impression whether you are in a business meeting or a job interview. For example, genuine leather looks and feels great. It is also flexible, durable, and even smells good.

Synthetic polymers such as nylon and polyester are also good options. They may not be as luxurious as leather but are resistant to chemical elements, stronger, and comparatively cheaper. They usually have a number with a letter D such as 1680D. D stands for Denier, which is actually a measure of linear mass density of the fabric. The higher the D number, the more durable the fabric material is. Briefcases made of metal such as aluminum are quite tough and durable but they also happen to be the heaviest.


Men’s briefcases usually come in three colors – black, tan, or brown. We also stock briefcases in several shades between these three common colors. Your choice of color depends on how you use a briefcase. Lighter colors such as tan are good for casual purposes and a more relaxed informal working atmosphere. For a more professional look don’t buy a briefcase with more than two different outside colors, including the stitching.

Briefcase Compartments

We sell briefcases with enough compartments to carry more stuff and hold your things in a more organized way. If you prefer to travel light, we have briefcases with at least three sectioned areas both inside and outside for your laptop, documents, and stationery. We also have traveling and rolling briefcases with separate compartments for your clothing and other accessories. Our briefcases feature a quick access compartment where you can keep items that you need fast access to such as plane tickets or your mobile phone.

Size and Weight

When it comes to briefcases, bigger is not usually better. You wouldn’t want to lug around a big heavy bag unless the situation or work requires it. A large briefcase in an inappropriate situation doesn’t feel comfortable. Nevertheless, you can find large, medium-sized, and small briefcases at our store.

Why Buy Your Briefcase at Domini Leather?

There are many reasons why you should buy your briefcase at Domini Leather. We have a wide range of all types and sizes of briefcases made of different materials. You’ll also find a briefcase in your preferred color at our online store. At Domini Leather, our customers also enjoy fast and secure worldwide shipping all over Europe, North America and the rest of the world. We also have an amazing customer service.

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