Are Messenger Bags For Guys?

As long as messenger bags have been in style, there has always been the worry that they present themselves too similarly to purses. There’s also the fear that they’re marketed primarily towards males, so it can be scary for a female to get one. So, are messenger bags for guys? We’re here to tell you that they have a market for everyone, and the style they promote will work well for you whether you are a guy or a girl. However, speaking with socially accepted terms, messenger bags have traditionally been promoted towards men throughout their life span. There are decades of media and print available that showcase men carrying messenger bags whether it be to work, sports, or war. In modern media, that narrative has begun to change, but not enough for the bag to be called a unisex one.

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A Modern Style

For any men looking for an elegant and classy way to bring their work along with them, don’t worry, messenger bags are still the best way to do that. However, there are lof of shady designs made from even shadier materials. They all market such bags as futuristic, eco-friendly, made from natural materials and so on. But do not fall for that trick.

While leather does bring somewhat classic look to the bag, on the inside, all of our messenger bags are more than ready to take in your modern needs of today’s world. They are filled with special and padded compartments suited specifically for your laptop or tablet or anything else cool that you may have the need to store inside. However, full grain leather itself is just so much more superior, more beautiful and more natural of all than any other material. So, speaking about style, messenger bags will make you look modern even if its made of leather and even in today’s fast-paced and fast-changing world.

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Now, are the modern styles of our messenger bags make them automatically bags for men? Not necessarily. Everyone can appreciate a modern style. It’s important to note that the more modern a bag is, the more pockets, compartments and therefore more hardware it will have. Therefore, at the end the bag will weigh much more than a slimmer and smaller briefcase. So, it’s really up to you to decide.

Why Get a Messenger Bag?

Protection, durability, and elegance.

Messenger bags are one of the few bags that can guarantee your belongings to be safe. They are not automatically made from indestructible materials that ensure the protection of your items. The answer, however, is rather more complex than that. It’s really the combination of the way such bags are made and the way people carry them. If you pick a full grain leather messenger bag, the sturdy and durable leather material that it was made of will be thick and protective, and if coupled with some specialized paddings inside, you will be golden in terms of protection of your belongings. Now going further, couple all that with the fact that you are always comfortable and at ease while carrying your messenger bag, and the chances that you drop it reduce significantly.

Speaking of durability, the same full grain leather will make sure that the bag is truly durable and long-lasting. If you take care even a bare minimum of it, in some cases it’s even decades-lasting. Also, messenger bags typically come with no inner lining, just leather. That eliminates entirely the most common leather bag problem – lining rupture.

Finally, the same full grain leather is classic and most importantly, extremely elegant. If it was dyed by hands using vegetable tanning method, the bag will be shiny and beautiful for years to come. For both men and women, the messenger bag is the final button on your perfect look. Messenger bags bring style to the workplace that backpacks and purses simply cannot contend with. The benefits of a messenger bag are simply too numerous to compete with.

Pure Leather and Top Quality Bags

Here at Domini Leather, we source pure leather for our messenger bags that can ensure a high-quality build. We understand that even the seams of the bag must be strong and durable so that the weakest link simply does not exist.

Our messenger bags offer you style, protection, and class no matter how you’re commuting or where you’re going. With a messenger bag, anyone can look amazing and feel safe, much more than your typical method of carrying. Our inclusion of pure leather adds even more protection for your belongings and the bag itself. It’s an eco-friendly alternative that is simply better, for everyone – men and women.

So, Are The Messenger Bags For Guys?

The answer to the question is absolutely YES. Now are the messenger bags for guys ONLY? That’s a question that every individual woman can answer for herself.

With multiple movements and conventions such as Istanbul convention for example, and many more alike, even at first glance an innocent thing as attributing a bag to a sex can be seen by someone as not a proper thing to do. With that in mind, we can proudly state that some of our messenger bags are perfectly suitable for both sexes.

It’s usually the size and weight of a bag that can push one or another model towards men’s side. And if you choose a full out leather messenger bag with multiple compartments and made of full grain leather, it might weight nearly 5 lbs., which is quite a weight for a bag.

Therefore, an elegant item will look elegant on whoever wears it or carries it. In this case, be it a man or a woman. So, don’t stick too much with the stereotypes that are hundred years old, and live as you want to live.

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