How to Store Duffle Bags in Closet

How to Store Duffle Bags in Closet

Storing any kind of bags can feel daunting, especially if they are large and bulky, like regular luggage for example. Luckily, duffle bags are not luggage. Understanding how to store duffle bags in closet is really helpful if you want to maintain the bags in great shape as well as save space for other more important thing in your closet. This guide will walk you through simple and efficient methods to keep your duffle bags organized and easily accessible, ensuring they’re ready for your next trip, be it long vacation or a quick weekend getaway. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

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Preparation for Storage

Properly preparing your duffle bags for storage will both, preserve their quality and keep your closet neat(er). Here is a 4-point check list, in no particular order:

Clean the Bag

  • Depending on the material, wipe down, wash, or vacuum the bag to remove dirt and debris.

Dry Thoroughly

  • Make sure the bag is completely dry to prevent mold or mildew formation. Especially if you are planning storing it away for a prolonged period of time.

Empty Contents

  • Check all pockets and compartments, removing all items to avoid deformities and surprises later. Plus, you might find something you were looking for.


  • Consider using a fabric-friendly deodorizer to maintain a fresh scent while stored. However, this step is not essential.

These steps are important l in extending the lifespan of your duffle bags and maintaining your closet somewhat organized and clean.

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Folding Techniques

Properly folding your duffle bags can save space and maintain their shape:

Fabric Bags

  • Lay flat, fold into thirds, then roll tightly from one end to minimize space and avoid creases.

Leather or Sturdier Materials

  • Gently fold to avoid permanent creases, maintaining the bag’s structure. High-quality leather will not crack if folded, unlike cheap bonded leather. However, it’s better not push it to the limits.

Rigid Base Bags

  • Flatten as much as possible, storing vertically or horizontally based on available space.

Straps and Buckles

  • Tuck into the bag’s pockets or alongside the rolled material to keep them contained and prevent snagging.

Folding is simple and pretty obvious. Just follow what feels natural. If you come across resistance while folding in a specific way, try a different way.

Choosing the Right Storage Spot

Finding the right spot in your closet for duffle bags is important to keep them in good shape and also to keep yourself better organized:

Dry and Clean Area

  • Store in a part of the closet that is dry and free from dust or direct sunlight. No natural material, be it leather or other fabric, like humidity.

Shelf Storage

  • If available, stack bags on shelves, heavier ones at the bottom to prevent toppling.

Under-Hanging Storage

  • Utilize clear bins or baskets beneath hanging garments for easy access and dust protection.

Vertical Space

  • Use hanging organizers for a space-saving solution, ideal for storing multiple bags.


  • Arrange based on frequency of use, with regularly used bags positioned for easy retrieval.

Maintaining Accessibility and Organization

Ensure your duffle bags are always ready and easy to find with these organizational tips:


  • Use labels for shelves, bins, or compartments to quickly identify each bag’s location.


  • Organize bags by size, use, or frequency of use, keeping the most frequently used bags readily accessible.


  • Implement shelf dividers or separate containers for different types of bags to prevent clutter.

Regular Reviews

  • Periodically assess and rearrange your storage system to adapt to new bags or changing travel needs.

These final tips are really excessive and not to be followed unless you are an organizational freak like Monica from the best TV series Friends. But in that case, in our opinion, you would not be reading this article, but writing or at least correcting one yourself.

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It’s not rocket science, obviously. Storing your duffle bag/bags correctly will make your life somewhat easier, your bag last longer and your closet look cleaner. Remember, the goal is to maintain a balance between sanity and craziness. By following these tips too strictly might push you over the crazy red line.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about How to Store Duffle Bags in Closet

  • How should I clean my duffle bag before storing it?

Clean according to the material—vacuum for dust, wash or wipe down as appropriate, and ensure it’s completely dry to prevent mold.

  • What is the best way to fold a duffle bag for storage?

For fabric bags, lay flat, fold into thirds, and roll tightly. For sturdier materials, fold gently to avoid creases, and flatten rigid base bags as much as possible.

  • Where is the best place to store my duffle bag in the closet?

Store in a dry, clean area away from direct sunlight. Use shelves, under-hanging bins, or hanging organizers based on space and bag frequency of use.

  • How can I keep my duffle bags organized in the closet?

Use labels, sort by frequency of use or size, and utilize dividers or separate containers to maintain order and accessibility.

  • How often should I reorganize my stored duffle bags?

Periodically review your storage arrangement, especially after adding new bags or changing your travel habits, to ensure the system remains effective.

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