How to Punch a Hole in a Belt?

How to Punch a Hole in a Belt

Ever come from a shopping spree to find that one of your new leather belts just isn’t fitting properly? Or maybe you’ve just lost some weight and now your old belt is feeling a little loose. Whatever the dilemma is, we’re here to help you customize your belt with a new hole without damaging it. Therefore, continue reading to find out how to punch a hole in a belt. 

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Punching a High-Quality Hole

Punching a High-Quality Hole

  1. To get a high-quality hole punched into your belt, you need to use a proper tool known as a leather hole punch. In order to get the right sized leather hold punch, you need to have your belt handy when you go shopping for it. That will allow you to compare sizes in store.
  2. Ideally, you want the tip of the leather hole punch to be the same size as the existing holes on the belt. If you need a tool that you can use on multiple belts, then you might benefit from a rotary model. These typically come with different attachments to suit almost all belt sizes.
  3. Once you’ve gotten your tool, mark the spot where you want to punch the hole. Then, use a ruler to measure the distance between the holes. This will ensure that the new hole you create doesn’t look out of place.
  4. The normal hole spacing in a leather belt is usually 1.25cm. However, it can go up to 2.85 cm for belts that are wider than an inch. Some people use tape to cover the leather when punching a hole into it. However, this is not always recommended. It’s because the tape can also damage the material.
  5. Now that you know where you’ll be punching the hole, position the belt properly by placing it in the middle of the punching tool. To keep the belt down, use a pair of heavy objects or ask someone to hold it tight for you.
  6. At this point, you’re ready to squeeze the hole punch and cut out the hole. Depending on the thickness of the material you’re working with, you might need an extra pair of hands to make sure that the punch goes through.
  7. Should you see any leftover scraps of leather on the hole, pick them out with a toothpick or similar tool for a neat finish.

Punching a Quick Hole

Punching a Quick hole

If you don’t really have much time to go through all the steps outlined above, then there is option 2. For it to work, your belt needs to be made from a fairly thin material. If that’s the case, then follow the steps below. They are more straight forward.

  1. Start by marking the spot where the hole will be located. Make sure to get the distance right by using a ruler. If your goal is to get the belt to fit better, then put it on first so that you can mark it on the spot where the belt tongue meets the front of your waist.
  2. Take the belt off and place it on a flat surface. Cover it with a material thick enough to keep the belt in place. Also, protect the surface that you’re placing it on. Then make sure to hold the belt in place using something heavy like a book or ask someone to hold it down for you.
  3. Now, use something like an electric drill to punch a hole into the marked spot on the belt. Just be sure to test out the drill bits for size, by inserting them into the existing holes. Once you’ve found a drill bit that fits perfectly into one of the holes, you can use that to drill the new hole.
  4. Also, it’s important to only use a brad-pointed drill bit as a smooth one will make your job more difficult. As you start drilling, make sure to do so in short bursts at first, and then once the drill bit has penetrated into the other side, start snipping away at the bits that come off.

How to Punch a Hole in a Belt

We all have been there. I have punched so many holes in my belts through out my life. Most of them were horrible, and some were not bad. I remember I used a simple kitchen knife to dig into the belt. Most of the time it meant ruining the belt, but I did not care at the time. Of course, the best way of not having to punch holes in a belt is maintaining the body weight. But we all know that once the summer is approaching, we want that beach body. In such case, it’s best to follow this guide to make sure you don’t have to replace your belt due to a mistake you made.

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