What is Calfskin Leather?

Calfskin Leather

Calfskin Leather is just what it sounds like: the leather made from the skin of a calf, or young cow. It is very distinguishable but if you do not have a trained eye for such things, you have to look closely. This leather generally has a finer grain and smaller pores that are so small, you might not be able to see them at all.

In addition, they will have a different feel to them than traditional leather. Calfskin leather is lighter weight and more supple than leather made from older cows. This means that when you hold it, it will be much smoother and will have an elasticity to it that leather from older cows may not have. Another trait of the calfskin leather is its ability to hold a high polish.

All of these things can be hard to notice when you are purchasing a leather object online, so it helps if you can zoom in on the item, or read the description where the company may have what type of leather the item is made out of in the description.

Products Made Out of Calfskin

Like veal, calfskin leather is significantly more expensive than leather made from older cows because of how soft and supple it is. This means that smaller objects are usually made out of calfskin leather due to the ease working it. These items can include items like patent leather shoes and leather gloves. These items are usually highly polished and shiny, thanks to the leather’s ability to hold a polish very well.

Other items that are usually made out of calfskin are items such as wallets, small bags, or traditional leather book bindings. You will not usually find larger items like vests, jackets, or pants made out of this leather because these are much larger and therefore much more expensive items.

How to Spot Calfskin Leather Products

When you are looking at different leather products, it can be difficult to spot the one made out of calfskin. However, there are some ways that you can spot a calfskin leather product easily.

The Price

While real full-grain leather products generally have a higher price tag to start with, the calfskin leather takes it even higher that might even scare some of the purchasers.

The Pores

As we also previously mentioned the pores on a piece of calfskin are very small. When you are looking at the leather, it will be almost impossible to see them. Regular leather pores are distinguishable, even if just barely. Calfskin pores will look almost nonexistent. This helps you distinguish between the real and non-real calfskin leather.

The Feel

If you still aren’t sure if the item you are looking at is real calfskin, pick it up if you haven’t already. Calfskin products are extremely soft and supple. They will feel like butter in your hand as soon as you pick them up, and generally have an elasticity that other leather products won’t.

The Look

Calfskin leather has a distinguishable look to it. Aside from its small pores and light grain,it is usually highly polished. You will be able to see your reflection in it like a mirror. If it is not highly polished, it is given an antique look by burnishing it with a stain. This gives it an older look without the leather actually being old and worn out.

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