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Can You Wash a Leather Backpack?

Can You Wash a Leather Backpack

Leather backpacks provide perhaps one of the most comfortable ways to carry our items on a daily basis. They are durable and fashionable, given they are made of real full grain leather, and many people absolutely love them. But leather backpacks, just like any other leather bag really, can also get dirty by many different […]

Are Leather Backpacks Waterproof?

Are Leather Backpacks Waterproof

Leather backpacks have many benefits, including their comfort, elegant look and durability (you can read about the advantages of leather bags here). But are leather backpacks waterproof? Whether they are or not will depend on the type of finish the leather received. In general, high-quality leather such as top-grain leather and full-grain leather backpacks will […]

Can You Wash Leather?

Can You Wash Leather

Everybody knows at least to some extent that leather is a natural material that requires regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh. But can you wash leather? That is a question worth millions (or at least hundreds, depending on how much did you spend on your leather product) of dollars. In short, the answer would […]

Is Leather Waterproof?

Is Leather Waterproof

Leather is a great, versatile material used to make any number of products, but is leather waterproof? Actually no, it’s not waterproof. This is because it is very porous, making it permeable to water. However, just because leather is not naturally waterproof does not mean that it can’t be treated to become water-resistant. Let’s cover […]

Does Italian Leather Peel?

Does Italian Leather Peel

If the leather you’re using is real, meaning that it’s not bonded or faux leather, then it should not peel. This sentence alone should answer your question “does Italian leather peel?”. However, there is a little more to know before we could actually make such bold statements. There are special situations and places where even […]

Why Is Italian Leather so Expensive?

Why Is Italian Leather so Expensive

If you’re shopping for leather, you’ll quickly notice that the most expensive products are the ones labeled “Italian leather.” But why is Italian leather so expensive? Why do companies seek out Italian leather first and foremost? From the methods used to make the leather to the final product quality, there are many reasons that could […]

What is Italian Leather?

What is Italian Leather

Are you inquiring about what is Italian leather? The simple answer would be any leather that is made in Italy. That is what it takes to get a verification that the leather is actually an “Italian Leather.” However, true, traditional Italian leather embarks on a much greater journey before it’s ready for you. What makes […]