Backpack vs. Briefcase: Which is Better?

Backpack vs. Briefcase Which is Better

Unlike women who almost always have a handbag with them, men are not used to carrying bags. They would rather choose to carry their things in their hands, which is why they often run the risk of losing stuff! Some men, however, choose to carry a backpack, which is pretty understandable. This is what they […]

Where to Buy a Briefcase?

Where to Buy a Briefcase

Are you looking for the best online store selling high-quality briefcases? A briefcase is an important carrier if you regularly carry along documents and other necessities to and from your office. At Domini Leather, we have all types of briefcase styles to suit your personal taste and needs. There are many places where you can […]

How to Protect Bonded Leather?

How to Protect Bonded Leather

Leather is one of the most timeless and durable materials out there, but it’s also quite expensive. That is why a growing number of people are turning to alternatives like bonded leather for something similar but less pricey. Although bonded leather is made from a combination of real leather pieces and synthetic material, it gives […]

How Do They Make Leather?

How Do They Make Leather

Although the finished product looks smooth and effortlessly put together, it actually takes time and expert precision to make leather items. Leather craftsmen use a complicated technical process that has to be followed to the tee. Otherwise, the leather items won’t come out looking the same. At the beginning of the process is a piece […]