How to Choose a Laptop Bag?

Laptop bags are much more than a simple fashion statement – though they certainly can look fantastic. The real testament of a quality bag is the security and protection it offers your device. Choosing the right laptop bag should be about much more than which one looks the best over your shoulder. Although, that is also important in today’s world. Finding the perfect bag is all about which one fits your laptop best, which one will protect your device in any situation, and which one can withstand the elements. These are just a few key features that should be considered during your hunt for the perfect laptop bag. There is no right answer to choosing the ultimate bag, but there certainly are some right directions to head in and places to avoid. Here are some tips to help you answer the question of how to choose a laptop bag the next time you are shopping for one.

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Find the Right Size

The first, and possibly most important tip to answer the question of how to choose a laptop bag is to base your bag around your laptop. After all, the laptop is what this bag is for. Your first goal should be to find out what size bag to look for. It might seem like a one-size-fits-all situation, but if you get the wrong size bag, then you’re putting your laptop at risk.

Find the size of your laptop, measure the screen diagonally from corner to corner and select your bag based on that number. You can further narrow down the perfect bag size by measuring the width (side to side, parallel with the keyboard), the depth (from the mouse end to the screen connector), and the height (base of the device to the top with the screen closed). These measurements will help you pick the perfect size laptop bag.

To learn more about laptop bag sizes, check out our “What size laptop bag should I get?” article. It covers the question in much greater detail, diminishing the chance of making simple and silly mistakes.

Choosing the Material

Whether it be for fashion purposes or the durability of the material, the material in which the bag is made is one of the most important features. The material can switch up looks and situations in which you’d use the laptop bag. However, it can also add a layer of protection to your laptop bag. For example, mesh bags tend to have more padding than cloth carriers, but leather laptop bags offer a stronger shell than any mesh designs.

The way that we choose our bag material is by deciding what stands out the most to us. We take into consideration what situations we might find ourselves in with this laptop bag and decide which material best suits our needs. Leather provides an elegant look and a sturdy structure. Mesh offers padding and form-fitting. The situation plays a big part in deciding the material, and the material plays a big part in deciding the bag.

But in short, we find that leather is the perfect material when it comes to laptop bags in general. It’s because not only they are really just as protective as any other bag, since a lot of it has to do with the interior padding, but also the exterior apperance of real leather is just so superior to other materials.

Pick a Trusted Brand


Your laptop is important to you, so you shouldn’t mess around with the lowest prices. Those deals and low offers might be appealing, but if they’re coming from a brand with no certifications or quality reviews, then chances are the product you’re receiving isn’t of the quality you might be looking for.

Of course, nowadays, when large corporations and companies in general chase profits at any costs, even some known brands have fallen sharply in terms of quality. In such cases you will overpay significantly for a name only, without any guarantees that the laptop bag will protect your laptop or last any longer than a year or two.

Thus you have to use common sense. Anything cheap, it’s probably not a great idea. Anything too expensive, and you might throw money down the drain for the label tag that comes with the bag. We put together this amazing How Much Does Leather Cost article for you to have a great idea of what is worth what.

Final Words

So there you have some good tips of how to choose a laptop bag. Just remember to go with leather, as it’s the best material when it comes to appearance, durability, prestige and protection. The last one might be the most important point, but you cannot neglect the rest either.

We have a large variety of leather laptop bags for both men and women, made of amazing Italian leather. Because we understand the importance of self-image, and nothing does better than that, when it comes to bags, than leather.

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