How to Measure a Laptop For a Bag?

The adage, “measure twice, cut once,” proves to work quite well when it comes to selecting the perfect bag for your laptop. By knowing the size of your laptop, you can avoid the questions and doubt, and pick out the perfect bag the first time. All you have to do is measure your laptop and keep the dimensions in mind.

But how do you properly measure your laptop? Getting the wrong measurements could be worse than just going in blind, so it’s pivotal that you get this right. There are a few numbers you’re going to need to find the perfect laptop bag size – the screen size as well as the width, depth, and height of the device. Here is how to measure a laptop bag.

The Step By Step Process

With a tape measure and a pencil, you can find the perfect laptop bag size in a matter of minutes. Start with the screen size and transition down through the width, depth, and height of the laptop.

Screen Size

This is one of the biggest determinants of the size laptop bag you should get. Typically, bag sizes correspond with laptop sizes and those numbers are based on the size of the screen. Getting this number right might be the most important part. All you have to do to measure the size of a laptop screen is place your measuring device diagonally on the screen from corner to corner.

The length of the screen from corner to diagonally opposite corner, typically represented in inches, is the size of your laptop.


This is the length of your device from one side to the other. You can easily find this measurement by placing your measuring device parallel to your space bar so that it reaches from one end of your computer to the other.


The depth of your device is the length from your end, to the part where the screen connects to the base. You can find this by measuring from the side closest to you to the section where the connection lies.


While not necessarily as important as the other measurements, it is useful in finding the perfect sized bag for your laptop. By knowing all of the measurements, you’ll be able to find a bag that is snug enough for protection but doesn’t suffocate your laptop. The height is measured from the base of your laptop (where it touches the desk) to the top with the screen closed. This should be the smallest number you measure.

Final Words

Once you know how to measure a laptop for a bag, you are ready to make a purchase. With so many options available, this can be a tough task. However, as long as you know what you’re looking for and where to look, you can accomplish this with ease. Walk away with your perfect laptop bag in no time at all.

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