How To Clean a Leather Wallet?

How To Clean A Leather Wallet

Leather wallets have become a cult symbol for power and style. Most men and women invest significant amounts of money in these products because they are exceptionally durable and fashionable. Most customers have them for decades, and as the leather ages, they don’t look worn out. Instead, the wallets often look even better than before. A leather wallet may be an expensive investment, but it usually proves to be a valuable one. However, just like with any other leather accessory, you should take proper care of it. Here we will explain how to clean a leather wallet while keeping it in perfect condition for many years to come. All in six simple steps. 

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Step 1: Remove your belongings

Even though the cleaning process doesn’t take too long, it is vital to remove your credit cards and money from your wallet. They could get wet and possibly damaged while you are cleaning it, so make sure the wallet is completely empty. In addition, you should remove photos because they could also get destroyed while you are cleaning it.

It may seem like the most obvious thing to do, however we want to be complete and precise with out How-To guide.

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Step 2: Use anti-bacterial wipes

Anti-Bacterial Wipes For Leather

You have to remember that money is infested with bacteria. You don’t know who touched the bills before you, and if they had washed their hands. Therefore, whenever you place money in your wallet, the bacteria spreads.

Thus, it is crucial to begin the cleaning process with anti-bacterial wipes. Carefully go over the leather with them, and make sure you are scrubbing all the cracks of the wallet as well. However, do not rub too hard. You could easily damage the leather if you use too much force. 

Step 3: Use a leather cleaner 

Cleaning and maintaining bonded leather

Try to find a piece of soft cloth which you can use to apply the leather cleaner. The cloth should be soft to touch, and without coarse-textured parts. Also, try to use a cloth that doesn’t have any color or pattern.

Make sure you check whether or not your preferred leather cleaner is safe to use on this particular type of leather. Pour a small amount of the leather cleaner onto the cloth and start rubbing your wallet. Again, do not press too hard, and use a mixture of both long and short strokes.

If your leather wallet is particularly dirty, you will probably have to repeat the process a few times. DIY leather cleaners are perfect if you do not want to use chemicals to keep the leather in good shape.

You can make your own cleaner at home. Pour one part white vinegar in a bowl, and add two parts of neat’s-foot oil. This oil will do wonders for your leather wallet because it is a preservative agent. Pour a small amount of it on a lint-free cloth and use circular motions to clean the leather. 

Step 4: Let it dry

Pat down the wallet using a fresh towel. That way, you will remove the residue and speed up the drying process.

Afterward, leave your wallet to dry completely. However, never leave it somewhere where it will be exposed to sunlight. That could damage the leather, make it dry, and cause cracks in the material. In addition, the color might fade, which could make your wallet look poorly made and low quality.

Step 5: Apply a leather conditioner

Leather Care Balsam

Once your leather wallet is completely dry, you can then go ahead and apply a leather conditioner. This is an important step because it will bring the leather back to life and make the wallet look as if it’s new.

You can use the same cloth to apply the leather conditioner. Make sure you are covering the entire wallet with it, and you can apply it as liberally as you want to. It will not damage it, but it will make it damp again.

We highly recommend using our leather care balsam which contains absolutely all essential ingredients needed to keep any leather product at its best shape.

Step 6: Add your belongings

You have to leave the wallet to dry after you apply the leather conditioner. When it is dry, you can then go ahead and add your credit cards, photos and money. 

The wallet will look as good as new, and you will be delighted with the results. However, if you want to maintain that look, remember to clean it again in a few months. In the meantime, you can use the antibacterial wipes to remove surface bacteria.

A leather wallet is a fantastic investment if you are looking for a durable, classy product. It will never go out of style, and you will not have to replace it anytime soon. 


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    I appreciated when you pointed out that we should make sure that the leather cleaner we are going to get is safe for the type of material our item has. I am researching on how to take care of those types of fabric because I plan to get a luxury leather wallet for myself. Hopefully, I will be able to find a good product or even find a professional to to the clinic for me every time it gets dirty to keep it lasting for a long time.

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