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Differences Between Top Grain and Bonded Leather

The Difference Between Top Grain Leather and Bonded Leather

There is nothing quite like the luxurious effect of feeling a piece of good quality genuine leather. Whether it is on a sofa, a leather bag, a wallet, a pair of boots, the real leather is durable and trustworthy. In addition, with the right care, it only gets better with age. However, in today’s high-tech […]

How To Make Leather Wrap Bracelets

How To Make Leather Wrap Bracelets

Leather is one of the materials that somehow managed to become an integral part of the majority of products. Nowadays, leather can be found in various pieces of clothing (shoes, jackets, pants, etc.), furniture, and even ornaments and decorative jewelry. Jewelry will be the main focus of this DIY tutorial. Leather bracelets to be precise. […]